The Canary Islands, known as the Fortunate Islands, are home to numerous treasures. Today, we invite you to discover one of them, a corner that captivates with its combination of natural beauty and human charm: Las Teresitas beach in Tenerife. Imagine a coastline of golden sand, palm trees that dance in the breeze, and crystal-clear waters that seem straight out of a dream. Welcome to Las Teresitas!, one of the most emblematic beaches in Tenerife.

History of Las Teresitas Beach: From Pescadores Cove to Golden Paradise

Las Teresitas has not always been the emblematic tourist destination that it is today. In the past, this place was a fishing cove and small beaches on the coast of Tenerife, with rocky soil and without the charm that characterizes it today.

But, in the 1970s, the story of Las Teresitas took a turn. The Santa Cruz City Council decided to transform the modest cove into an extensive sandy beach. To do this, they imported more than 270,000 tons of fine, golden sand from the Sahara Desert. The remodeling resulted in the creation of a stunning beach that extends for almost 1.5 kilometers, the only one of its kind on the entire northern coast of Tenerife.

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The Heart of Tenerife: Visitor Statistics

As one of the jewels in Tenerife’s crown, Las Teresitas beach is a very popular destination for both island residents and visitors from around the world. According to the most recent statistics, this beach receives about 200,000 tourists annually. And that’s not even counting the locals, who repeatedly choose Las Teresitas for their weekend getaways and relaxing days in the sun.

Connections and Accessibility: Your Journey to Las Teresitas

Las Teresitas beach is located a convenient distance from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the island’s capital. If you travel by car, you can get there in about 15 minutes taking the TF-11 highway. However, if you prefer to avoid the parking worries, there are regular buses that leave from downtown Santa Cruz and take you directly to the beach. This bus trip lasts around 25 minutes and offers you the opportunity to enjoy the landscape of northern Tenerife, a view that you will surely love.

Las Teresitas: A Dream Come True

More than just a beach, Las Teresitas is a dream come true for beach lovers. Its golden sand is soft and pleasant, perfect for lying down and enjoying the Canarian sun. But not only the sand is the protagonist here, the crystal clear and calm water, thanks to a breakwater that protects the beach from strong currents, invites you to a refreshing swim.

In addition to the natural beauty, Las Teresitas has all the amenities you could want on a beach: showers, changing rooms, children’s play area, beach bars and restaurants. What can be better than savoring a delicious paella while listening to the waves of the sea and enjoying a stunning view of the Atlantic?

For Everyone: Accessibility at Teresitas Beach

Thinking about the inclusion and comfort of everyone, Las Teresitas beach is equipped with ramps and walkways for people with reduced mobility. This makes it accessible to everyone, ensuring that every visitor can enjoy everything this wonderful beach has to offer.

More than a Beach: The Charm of San Andrés

It’s not all sun and sand in Las Teresitas. A few minutes walk away, you will find the picturesque town of San Andrés. This small town is famous for its colorful houses and narrow, winding streets. After a day at the beach, you can explore the local charm, visit the historic Castillo de San Andrés, or enjoy an ice cream on one of the terraces overlooking the sea. San Andrés is the perfect complement to your day at the beach.

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Discover the Magic of Las Teresitas beach

Whether you are looking for a place for your next vacation getaway or a local resident looking for an oasis of peace and beauty, Las Teresitas Beach is the place for you. This corner of Tenerife is a perfect mix of history, natural beauty and human charm. So don’t hesitate, grab your hat, your towel and your sunscreen, and come discover this little piece of paradise in Tenerife. We promise you will fall in love with Las Teresitas!